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I'm Dani Bowman, and welcome to the website for my company, Powerlight Studios.

About Me

I am a 19 year old college student with autism. I love animation, illustration, and creating fun entertainment for children of all ages. I founded Power Light Animation Studios at age 11. I believe that many with autism can lead fulfilling and successful lives doing what they love. For me, that's animation!

My Powerlight Series

My first series was Gemstar & Friends at age 11, followed by "The Adventures of Captain Yuron" about a character that accidentally falls through a black hole and ends up in a new world where he defends his new friends from the pesky villain Malaria and his 16 minions. I now have 8 original series that I write, animate, voice, and score. You can learn more about them at the links above in blue.

My Commercial Credits

I have been working professionally as an animator and illustrator since age 14, starting with the music video “The Cave” for the band Arrest My Sister produced by Joey Travolta. Since then, I have illustrated two anti-bullying books for Picalata Press, won several awards for the autism awareness short “Eeya's Story” and completed several commercial projects including titles for “Power 1490, the Birth and Death of a Hip-Hop Radio Station in Tuscon, AZ”, “Vegan with Joy”, a vegan cooking show available on iTunes, Under the Dog House, a web series produced by Bruce Nachsin, and Oxy & Keke, a web series by Richard O Jones for couples who have to deal with relationship problems.

I always enjoy working on commercial projects whether a book, music video, illustration, or animation with others as I get to meet new people and have new creative challenges to solve.

In the Media

I've been featured on HLN, CBS2 Los Angeles, FOX 5 in San Diego, and Channel 3 in Orange County as well as my local newspapers. You can learn more about me in the media by clicking here now!

Speaking, Teaching, and Autism Community

In addition to managing my projects at Powerlight Studios, I speak frequently about my work and autism with the goal of changing the word's perception of autism and inspire others to follow their dreams. I have spoken at my high school, Barnesdale Theater in Hollywood, Cal-TOSH, The Avocado Festival in Carpinteria, CA, Orange County Festival of Children's Books, and the Rotary Club in Auburn Hills, MI, and have several more engagements scheduled this year. I was fortunate to host the ANCA Naturally Autistic Awards in Vancouver, BC, Canada honoring the global achievements of people with autism in September 2011.

Powerlight Studios has several collaborative programs with like-minded organizations that work to develop, support and nurture others on the Autism Spectrum with the goal of finding and celebrating others and their skills and talents.

I also have partnered with Joey Travolta's Inclusion Films and Toon Boom Animation to teach animation at several summer camps summer 2011. I taught animation to over 600 kids with autism in Jacksonville, FL, Edgewood Cliffs, NJ, Detroit, MI, San Diego, CA, and Moraga, CA. As well as on my own in Columbus, OH with Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidents (OCALI) and Step By Step Academy, Tampa, FL with VSA Florida & CARD, and Finley, OH with The Center for Autism & Dyslexia, and are mentoring a couple projects from my students this fall. For more information about the camps, click here!